Walks & Events

The walks calendar will be finalised very soon. You will be able to access the information on our calendar here on this website, download a printable leaflet, or obtain a printed leaflet from the Bridgend Centre.

October 2021
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Category: Walks10:00 am: KRIV Walk (4.5 miles Energetic)

Category: Walks10:00 am: Paul's Perambulation (8 miles Strenuous)

Category: Walks10:30 am: Canal History and Wildlife (4 miles Easy)

Category: Walks1:30 pm: En Plein Air Art Walk (2 miles Easy)


Category: Walks10:00 am: Children's Bear Hunt (0.5 miles Easy)

Category: Walks10:00 am: CPRE Peak Boundary Walk - Stage 19 (9.5 miles Strenuous)

Category: Walks10:30 am: Walking for Confidence (3 miles Easy)

Category: Walks6:00 pm: Kerridge Ramble with the East Cheshire Rangers (4 miles Energetic)


Category: Walks10:00 am: Sensory Walk (2 miles Easy)

Category: Walks10:00 am: Waterways, Woods and Wonderful Views (9 miles Strenuous)

Category: Walks10:15 am: A Pootle around Prestbury (4.5 miles Moderate)


Category: Walks10:15 am: Day 2 of the Gritstone Trail (Bollington to Langley) (10 miles Strenuous)

Category: Walks11:00 am: Walkers' Picnic (7 miles Energetic)


Category: Walks10:00 am: Nordic Walk - Three Millennium Stones (6 miles Energetic)

Category: Walks10:00 am: The Bollington Heritage Walk (2 miles Moderate)

Category: Walks10:15 am: Somewhere Over the Rainbow (7 miles Strenuous)

Category: Walks10:30 am: Stroll with East Cheshire Ramblers (3.5 miles Moderate)


Category: Walks10:00 am: A MAD March from Bollington to Marple and Return (18 miles Very strenuous)

Category: Walks10:00 am: White Nancy and Beyond (17 miles Very strenuous)

Category: Walks10:15 am: Looping Around t' Hills (10.75 miles Strenuous)


Category: Walks10:00 am: Shining Tor and Pym Chair (14 miles Very strenuous)

Category: Walks10:30 am: A Kerridge and Billinge Bimble (6 miles Energetic)

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Booking details

Our walks are led by a number of local organisations; there is a charge for some walks, which are indicated by a £ symbol on the walk programme. Where booking is not required for a walk, we just ask you to arrive in plenty of time.

Where advance booking is required, simply reserve your place by purchasing your ticket from the calendar above. For the Sensory Walk please telephone the Eye Society (phone number on the programme). If you would like any support with online booking, please contact the Bridgend Centre on 01625 576311 to arrange a convenient time for us to help you with it.

Please note that all walks and events are listed in good faith but will be subject to the government’s Coronavirus guidelines as they stand at the time of the festival in late September 2021. Our overriding concern is the safety of all those involved. Please check our website regularly for the most up-to-date information on how things are being done.

On walks starting from the Bridgend Centre, please wait outside the front of the Centre for the walk to start as numbers are limited inside.

Walking: essential information

Please wear suitable footwear and clothing and bring a waterproof. We reserve the right not to take a person who is not properly equipped as this could affect the safety and enjoyment of the whole group.

Please check the walk symbols to confirm whether dogs are welcome; dogs are not allowed on some of the walks. To avoid disturbance to farm animals or wildlife, please keep your dog on a lead and under control.

Most walk leaders are volunteers.

All walks are circular unless stated.

In poor weather the leader may modify the walk, or in extreme conditions, cancel it.

 A packed lunch may be required; look for the symbol on the walk details. It is advisable to carry a drink.

Young walkers aged 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

All those taking part do so at their own risk.